Spotlight Theater - NY


Give your business a starring role on the big screen as a Spotlight Theater advertiser.
As a screen advertiser your ad will be featured on our big and small screen to potential customers. Your ad will have their full attention in a comfortable and relaxing setting as they wait for the feature film to begin.

Our screen ads run 30 minutes prior to each show in the auditorium with each of your ads receiving no less than 3 impressions prior to each show and more than 200 impressions per month.

Your ad will also be included on the small screen in our lobby and be seen by those waiting in line for their movie snacks.

You are also welcome to display your brochures or coupons in our lobby.

The opportunity to be seen 365 days a year.
The ability to change your ad as needed to best promote what your business has to offer throughout the year.
Logo inclusion on our website with a link to your website.

Our in-theater coupon program allows you to partner with us on giving potential customers the opportunity to enjoy the show and your business afterwards.

As each customer arrives at the theater, our friendly staff will give them your coupon as they purchase their ticket to the show. We will feature your company name in our box office window and include a screen ad with your company name during the time frame that your coupons are distributed.


Looking for a unique and fun way to get your company’s name in the public eye and reach your target audience? Consider sponsoring an event at Spotlight Theater. Your sponsorship can include name on the marquee, presentation prior to the show, informational display in our lobby and much more to give your organization a leading role in our community.


A free showing of a film
A movie premiere party
A film series sponsorship
A community service or educational program partnership

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